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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for a medical reception career?

Appointments must be scheduled and managed, medical records updated and filed and lab work co-ordinated and recorded. It’s the job of the medical receptionist to ensure that all this and more is carried out correctly and efficiently and excellent job prospects await candidates on completion of this course.

What skills are required for a career as a Medical Receptionist?

Healthcare volunteer experience is helpful in teaching aspiring Medical Receptionists about the terminology and processes used in a doctor’s office, but good interpersonal skills, discretion, a talent for organisation and a positive and professional demeanour are even more important.

What is the future outlook for a career in medical reception?

Medical assistance is one of the country’s fastest growing career fields and receptionists are reaping the benefits with ample job prospects in a variety of locations, both local and city based. Medical reception skills are easily transferable and demand for them is steadily rising with the increase in population over recent years.

What advancement opportunities are there?

Advancement opportunities include moving up the administration ranks to overseeing an entire practice’s front office as an Office Manager or Practice Manager. Medical receptionists can also advance to being in charge of all administration in a specialist’s room. These positions would involve co-ordinating other staff and ensuring the smooth and professional running of the facility at all times.

Who is this course designed for?

Individuals who wish to gain essential office skills in order to pursue a career in medical administration/reception. Roles would include Medical Receptionist, Medical Records Clerk and Medical Secretary.

Why is medical terminology so important?Medical terminology provides you with the tools to analyse medical terms by teaching you how to break them down into their various components. You will also learn the meanings, spelling and pronunciation of these medical terms which is essential in a medical environment


Materials Included

  • Medical dictionary
  • Course workbook
  • Everything supplied (Even Lunch)